Urban Day Training Program, Train & Play Daycamp & Training Walks

Urban Day Training Program

Did you adopt a new puppy but have to go to work during the day? Are you home at night and during weekends and would like to have your puppy with you during those times? If the answer is yes, we offer the perfect program for you! Our Urban Day Training Program is tailor made for your schedule. The program includes:

  • Potty training, crate & alone training at your home
  • Physical & mental stimulation; @our day training camp Mon, Wed, Fr
  • Car rides & age appropriate exposure training
  • Basic obedience skills with focus on leash manners and recall
  • Play skills & navigate group play (small group)
  • Impulse control & Focus work

We take over the care of your puppy while you are at work, and make sure that your puppy gets age appropriate stimulation, training and rest. Our focus is to establish a healthy routine during the most important imprint phase of puppy’s life. Except for alone training, your puppy is never unsupervised. We provide loving individual attention by our 4 experienced certified dog trainers. All activities are discussed and agreed with you prior to the start of the program. Please note that your puppy will learn from puppies but also older dogs. Older, socially savvy dogs make fantastic teachers. All dogs in our care are screened for health and have been with us for years.

The Urban Day Training Program includes:

  • Intake interview with you and your puppy to discuss your individual priorities and family routine.
  • Program outline with list of skills and behaviors to discuss and prioritize according to your home routines and lifestyle.
  • Daily updates with video and recommendations for your evenings and weekends with puppy.
  • ‘Transfer of skills’ private training session at the end of the program (at our studio or at your home).
  • Detailed ‘Transfer of skills’ document including all skills, behaviors and observations; with description of what your puppy has learned, why, and where her proficiency level stands. Recommendations are adjusted to your personal home routine with your pup.
  • Life long support; we are here to answer questions and help!

Price & Admission:

$150/day/times flexible, however, price adjustment for times before 8am/after 5pm; minimum of 10 work days required (unless special circumstances).

Puppies age 16 weeks and older. Must bring proof of at least second DHPP booster, Bordatella vaccine and a recent negative fecal test result for giardia.

Please Note: please review our general admissions requirements.

Please contact us to book at pascale.fortmann@live.com

Socialization Training Daycamp for small dogs

Our group ‘play & training camp’ for small dogs (less than 25 pounds) is different than your regular daycare. Our days are structured with plenty of play, running, roaming, mental stimulation and rest time. Our enrichment program includes agility tunnels and stands, toys, balls, chew items and training. Your dog is never left unsupervised in any activity including nap time. Direct access to outdoor space for play, napping in the sun & potty time. Your dog is supervised by certified dog trainers. Pictures and videos are posted on our Instagram/Facebook page. All dogs must be fully vaccinated, pass a temperament test and test day prior to admission. For more specific training check out our ‘Train&Play’ program and/or Add on Training per skill.

One day: $40 ($5 off for second dog, same family)

Half day: $30 (4 hours or less, earliest drop off 8:30am)

10 full day pass: $380 ($20 discount)

10 half day pass: $280 ($20 discount)

Opening days & hours:

Monday, Wednesday & Friday: Drop off 7am – 9:30am. Pick up anytime after 12:30pm – 5pm.

Please Note: please review all general admissions requirements.

Cancellation Policy: 24 hours & no shows will be charged for the day.

Add on Training to Daycamp

If your dog is integrated in Daycamp, you may add specific training with our certified dog trainers during camp.. Each Skill $25/Day; $110/Package of 5

Impulse Control (leave it, drop it, wait, stay)
Loose Leash Walking
‘Rowdy, Jumpy, Mouthy Puppy’ (RJM)
Games: Fetch, Tug
Desensitizing Vet & Grooming Visit

‘Train & Play’

Our specialty program is reserved for small dogs only at the West Seattle studio. It consists of socialization training with focus on proper play skills, impulse control and reading other dog’s messages. The second element is behavioral and obedience training. The combination makes it a unique and rounded program for under socialized dogs with signs of over excitement, ‘loosing control’ when around other dogs. We cannot address aggression cases in this setting; please consider a private session.

$80/session; offered in 10 day package only

The program includes

Meet&Greet‘ at our studio to discuss your dog’s needs, your expectations and observations.

Transfer of Skills‘ meeting at the end of the program.

Video footage & updates on progress during the program.

Please Note: please review all general admissions requirements.

Please contact us for more information and to book at pascale.fortmann@live.com.

Training Walks – Our unique Signature Program

One of our signature programs! All our walks are built on the concept of Walking with Regard also called Connected Walking. The concept of Connected Walking has revolutionized the humane dog training world and is proven to work. We have refined the concept to adjust to the different issues that clients experience while walking their dog or puppy. Our training walks include progress reports and a close cooperation with you, the dog owner. Our experienced, certified dog trainers will give you the tools to build your skills with focus work, redirection, and strengthening your relationship and trust with your dog or puppy.


1. Leash Reactivity/Behavioral issues

Is your dog lunging, barking, growling at other dogs? Is he out of control and over the top excited? You and your dog will learn how to relax and enjoy the walk. Packages include 2 sessions with you, the dog owner (5 sessions). The recommended package is 10 sessions which includes at least 2 sessions with you in order to transfer the skills, as well as at least one session with my non-reactive dog Luna. Luna is the best teacher for your reactive dog, and the results are truly amazing. Treating leash reactivity takes time and patience. Please also consider our Leash Reactivity group class. Both programs in parallel will empower you and help your dog to overcome her reactivity.

$80/session; $390/5 sessions; $750/10 sessions

Duration: 45 minutes

2. Leash Manners

Is your puppy or dog a puller? Are walks less than enjoyable because your dog is ‘all over the place’. This program is for young puppies and non-reactive dogs. We instill proper leash manners by mixing up different tools in a relaxed manner.

$45/session; $220/5 sessions; $420/10 sessions

Duration: 30 minutes

3. Connected Walking

Connected Walking is a state of the art way of leash work! It is proven to work and will change the way you walk your dog.

$60/session; $290/5 sessions; $550/10 sessions

Duration: 45 min / in part with owner

For walks without you, we need access to your home. Keys and Codes are stored safely or you can install a lock box.

Please Note: please review all general admissions requirements.

Please contact us for more information and to book at pascale.fortmann@live.com.