Classes & Specialty Programs

Our training programs are held at our large West Seattle Studio. We are centrally located at 2414 SW Andover Street SW, right next to the West Seattle Health Club. Easy access for West Seattleites and via Delridge exit of off the West Seattle bridge. We offer lots of free parking at our studio. Grassy areas for easy, safe potty time with your puppy before and after class. Training with us is hands on, personal and tailored to the individual needs of each four-legged student. Our class size is limited to 6-8 dogs with 2 certified dog trainers working with you and your dog. Field trips are part of all advanced programs.

We apply cutting edge, science based training methods. The canine/human relationship is at the core of our training methodology, services and programs, with focus on force free behavioral modification. Our team consists of certified dog trainers by the Northwest School of Canine Studies (CCS) and we all have many years of experience. CCS graduates hold a nationally recognized certification in dog behavioral studies and training. Common sense, respect, fun and consistency also play a major role in our approach to dog training.

Specialized in Puppy Socialization & Behavior: The critical period for proper socialization of a puppy is from birth until 20 weeks of age. The time window is fluid, but appropriate exposure to every imaginable new situation, noise, person, animal during these first months is the best foundation you can offer your puppy. Most veterinarians acknowledge the need for early “dog on dog” socialization, but they worry because puppies are not fully vaccinated yet. This concern is justified with regard to uncontrolled environments such as a dog parks. However, precious time goes by to form bite inhibition, jaw prudence and learning from each other. Our Kindergarten closes this gap in a safe environment under professional supervision. Our service is backed by the most influential group of veterinarians and animal behaviorists in the USA, the Purdue University.

Puppy Kindergarten

Age: Puppies 9-20 weeks

Cost: $200/10sessions, $105/5sessions, $22/each 1-4sessions

Tiny Kids (up to 15 pounds or by trainer recommendation): Wednesdays, 5:15pm and/or Saturday, 10:15am

Big Kids-Newbies & Shy Dogs (15plus pounds): Wednesdays, 6:30pm and/or Saturdays, 9am

Big Kids-Tweens: Thursdays, 6:45pm and/or Sundays 8:30am

Both weekly sessions are recommended, but not a must. You sign up for a ‘punch card’ system and can use the sessions whenever your schedule allows. Under close supervision by 2 certified dog trainers in a small class setting, your puppy will enjoy a structured class with socialization, play, potty, exposure, as well as obedience & behavioral training. Kindergarten is both physically and mentally stimulating for your puppy and instills the willingness to learn. The combination of our signature programs, Kindergarten and Savvy Puppy I, is the best foundation for a healthy, well-adjusted and behaved dog. You are present, and we promote an active exchange of puppy related information, answers and sharing of experiences. The most comprehensive program at the most crucial stage in your puppy’s life!

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Savvy Puppy I

Dog Age: Puppies 16-18 weeks, or 1 year or younger, or older dogs needing a refresher

Weekly class, same day, duration 1 hour/each

Days & Times: Thursday 5:30pm, Saturday 11:30am, Sunday 9:45am (classes maybe added, please check the scroll down menu)

Cost: $200

This foundational class is structured and hands on. We teach how to build a strong relationship between you and your puppy and how to use it in all areas of your daily life and routine. Core messages are focus work, improving owner relevance and impulse control. A good dog is more than an obedient dog. We teach ‘Sit, Down, Stay, Wait, Recall, Watch, Loose leash walking, ‘go on bed’, leave it’ & much more in a fun mix of play and formal learning. The program also addresses behavioral issues such as proper greeting, jumping, mouthing and crate training. With a science based approach to dog training, we are pioneers in introducing ‘connected walking’ as a tool for loose leash walk training. Ideal for Kindergarten graduates. Sign up now, as this class fills up fast. Woof…

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Savvy Puppy II

Dog Age: 6 months and older; Savvy Puppy I or basic skills, instructor approval required

Weekly class, same day, duration 1 hour/each

Days & Times: Tuesday, 6:45pm. Field trip at Lincoln Park for leash and recall training!

Cost: $220

Ready to take the relationship with your dog/puppy to the next level? At the core of this class are leash manners and recall. We introduce more skills to solidify good manners, and increase your relevance to your dog. Enjoy the stronger bond, and the all around improved skills and behavior of your dog! This class is an intermediate class that will boost your level of confidence as a handler/dog parent, and strengthen the trust your dog has in you. Two field trips in ‘the real world‘ make this class one of its kind; at Lincoln Park on long leads for recall and connected walking and at the West Seattle junction for impulse control work and loose leash walking.

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Beyond Savvy Puppy

Dog Age: 6 months and older; Intermediate skills or instructor approval required

Weekly class, same day, duration 1 hour/each

Day & Time: Monday, 6:45pm

Cost: $220

Take your foundational skills to the next level! As your puppy grows so must your training program. In this advanced class, you will learn Distance & Distraction  work, how to shape and proof behavior, and the difference between management and training in every day situations. Whether or not you plan to hike with your dog off leash, controlling your dog from a distance is the ultimate level of a strong relationship and can be a life saver.  Further strengthen your bond and relevance which lead us into off leash heels, turns, walks and recalls. This class dives into the advanced dog training method of classical conditioning and what motivates your dog to learn for a lasting respectful canine/human relationship.

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Canine Good Citizen

Dog Age: 6 months and older, basic skills required

Weekly class, same day, duration 1 hour/each

Day & Time: Tuesday, 5:30pm

Cost: $250

The Canine Good Citizen (CGC) class is a fantastic way to work with your dog toward a common goal; the certification and official title ‘Canine Good Citizen’ provided by the American Kennel Club. Regardless of the test, this class is structured and significantly improves your bond and skills to on leash greet a stranger, a stranger with dog, stay with a stranger while you leave, stay in place and much more. The class builds the skills towards the 10 elements certification. It is based on the strong bond you have with your dog in every day situations. Class, test and certification included. The CGC certification is a requirement in the field of therapy dogs or competition sports/training. At its core it includes a pledge you, the dog owner, take to care for your dog for life!

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Agility Foundation

Dog Age: Every dog; basic skills required; level will be adjusted to age of dog for joint health

Weekly class, same day, duration 1 hour/each

Days & Times: Tuesday, 5:30pm & Sundays 11am; class mainly held outdoors in safe off leash setting (rain or shine)

Cost: $250

Agility is fun, mentally stimulating and a great way to strengthen owner relevance and bond. Agility gives your dog a healthy energy outlet and ‘a job’. Ideal for high energy dogs and dogs who love to work. Agility dramatically improves your handling skills. Special attention is given to young dogs for joint protection. Once your dog has learned the basics, you will enjoy our level 2 course ‘Agility Parcour’ held outdoors.

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Master off-leash skills – Building Great Recalls

Dog Age: 6 months and older; high dog/dog social skills required

Weekly class, same day, duration 1 hour/each

Days & Times: Sundays, 11am; class mainly held outdoors in safe off leash setting (rain or shine)

Cost: $250

Do you trust your dog to come when called in any situation and with distractions? You will, following our specialty program focused on formal and informal recall. A solid recall can save your dog’s life! Recall is one of the most challenging skill to teach a dog. We will address the most commonly made mistakes in our everyday routines and teach the rules that will bring solid and consistent results. The program is intense and taught in a ‘real life’ setting with safe off leash practice. Class size is limited to 4 dogs. Dogs must be social with other dogs and humans!

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Connected Walking aka Walking with Regard

Dog Age: All dogs, Savvy Puppy I and II required

Weekly class, same day, duration 1 hour/each

Day & Time: Monday, 6:45pm; class is mainly held outdoors, gradually increasing the level of distractions (rain or shine)

Cost: $250

Introducing a revolutionary way of walking your dog! Walking your dog will become the most rewarding and healthy experience. No more pulling, no more ill fitting harness, no more bald spots from harness…A loose leash will naturally happen, prey drive will be minimized and over excitement on leash lowered. We will teach you how to connect to your dog for an enjoyable daily leash walk. This class is suitable for strong pullers, dogs distracted by the environment, dogs chasing after squirrels and birds and dogs who are ‘all over the place’ on leash. This class cannot address highly reactive behaviors such as barking, lunging, growling and snarling. In this case, please consider our specialty program Leash Reactivity – First Aid.

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Leash Reactivity – First Aid

Dog Age: All Dogs (not suitable for aggressive dogs with bite history)

Weekly class, same day, duration 1 hour/each

Days & Times: Monday, 5:30pm; class is mainly held outdoors, slowly increasing the level of distractions and triggers (rain or shine)

Cost: $280

Is your dog showing signs of “leash reactivity”, either barking, lunging, over excitement or hiding, shaking, getting upset at the sight of other dogs, people or items such as cars, trucks? This class will help you develop a clear training strategy, and understand the behavior from your dog’s perspective. Our own stress level about the situation has a direct impact on our dog. You will learn to recognize the triggers, build awareness for your dog’s subtle behavior changes PRIOR to signs of reactivity and develop the tools and skills to help your dog overcome his/her reactivity. A relaxed, enjoyable walk is the goal of this class. We work outdoors where the triggers are. This is NOT a class for dogs with serious aggression issues (bite history dog or human). In this case, please contact us for a private session.

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Urban Day Training

Age: Puppies 16 weeks and older; social dog/dog skills required

Cost: $150/day; minimum of 7 week days

This specialty program is tailor-made to your puppy’s needs while you are at work. It includes socialization, exposure, alone & behavioral training to name just a few. A comprehensive document is available. Please contact us for more information

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Puppy Play Party

Age: Puppies 8-20 weeks

Cost: $20/1hr session, $60/Half day session

Do you want to run errands while your puppy gets the socialization it needs? This specialty program is similar to Puppy Kindergarten, with the difference that parents are not present. It combines puppy socialization, building of bite inhibition and confidence, willingness to learn and basic manners. The focus is on impulse control, patience and addressing behavioral issues by redirecting the puppy’s attention.

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Kick Start to a Happy Puppy Life

Age: Newly adopted puppies

Cost: $380

This specialty program offers hands on training, tips and tools, and addresses every question you might have. It boosts your pups ability to unleash his potential to become a good dog. The best time to sign up is during the first two weeks after adoption.

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Private Lesson/ In-home consultation

Cost:  $120 / hour

Training is tailored to you & your dog’s needs. Private training sessions are either held at the training studio, as a field trip in the real world or at your home. Contact us for information and registration.

Please call 206.446.7403 or email to to book.