General & Health Requirements

Play&Train Program and Urban Day Training

  • Current record of vaccinations.
    • Puppies less than 6 months: 2 DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Para influenza, Parvo virus) Boosters and Bordatella.
    • Dogs older than 6 months: 3 DHPP Boosters, Rabies, and Bordatella. Leptospirosis is highly recommended.
  • Negative fecal test result (giardia and parasites).
  • Flea protection. We recommend Trifexis.
  • Dogs and Puppies must pass evaluation and temperament test.
  • Completed & signed registration form (please contact us, available via email).


Kindergarten & Group Classes

To join our Kindergarten Classes:

8 weeks to 24 weeks. Age ranges are subject to individual assessment of each puppy/dog and may change. The important element is to do what’s right for each particular puppy and his/her temperament.

  • First round of booster shots and negative fecal test for giardia & other parasites.
  • Signed registration form (online)

To join our Training Classes:

  • Signed registration form (online)
  • Current Vaccination record; according to age of puppy/dog
  • No other restrictions

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Please note:

  • At the Clubhouse for Dogs, our highest goal is the safety and health of each puppy and dog.
  • We reserve the right to deny access to our programs.
  • By signing up to any of our programs you agree to be photographed. Photo and video of you/your dog may be used for marketing & social media purposes.
  • Just as children, puppies and dogs can spread illnesses among themselves. By signing up to our programs, you certify that your puppy/dog is in good health. If your puppy/dog gets ill (cough, diarrhea, skin condition, or any other sign of illness), please talk to us and do not bring your puppy/dog.
  • Cancellation fees apply. Refunds with approval, minus processing fees.

We accept cash, debit card and major credit cards (except AmEx, Discovery Card). Use our ‘payment button’ on the website.

Free parking is available.