Meet the Team!

Pascale Fortmann, CCS, Founder, Head Trainer

Pascale has many years of experience as an animal behavior professional. Pascale holds a University degree in Law, a Business Certificate from London Business School and a certification in Canine Studies, CCS, from the nationally recognized Northwest School of Canine Studies. Staying current by attending seminars and workshops about canine behavior science in the USA and abroad is as much part of Pascale’s life as hands on work with puppies and dogs. During her travel as a senior executive in the financial industry, she worked with shelters and built a network in the community of dog professionals. 5 years ago, Pascale founded The Clubhouse for Dogs to provide progressive, cutting edge canine training and care, as well as to make a difference in our communities. Pascale is involved in all aspects of the business and works hands on with your dogs every day. Pascale’s mission for the Clubhouse for Dogs is to build and improve the human/canine relationship. Thus, her focus is set on puppies in their most important stage of learning and exposure. Pascale’s skills, both with dogs and their humans, are outstanding which translates in state of the art individual care and teaching.

Pascale’s science based, positive training approach is guaranteed with all of her team members and every aspect of The Clubhouse for Dogs. Pascale’s anchor to recharge are her husband Jim and her dog Luna. Hobbies include learning, yoga, and exploring new places.



Jim Fuda, Marketing & Logistics

Jim brings a unique expertise to the dog professionals field as he spent 33+ years in law enforcement. In that time, he commanded a K-9 Unit and worked with police dogs on a daily basis. A great majority of the public has a misperception as to the type of dog utilized in this capacity. Many people believe the police dog must somehow be “attack trained and vicious”. To the contrary, police dogs are furry family members and partners that just happen to be specially trained for a variety of law enforcement functions. These extremely loyal dogs could easily be brought to a kindergarten classroom where 5 year olds crawl all over them, and then go to work and track down “bad guys”. Jim’s ability to connect with dog parents, and bring in his skills and strong love for dogs, is felt by clients and team members alike.

The Clubhouse for dogs is a family business. Jim and Pascale are married and both love to work, hike, play and cuddle with their young senior dog, Luna. Jim is also dad of 2 grown children.


Casey Cumming, CCS, Head Operations, Certified Trainer

Casey is an accomplished animal behavior professional and certified dog trainer from the Northwest School of Canine Studies. Prior to joining the Clubhouse team in May 2017, Casey worked as a professional dog walker and pet sitter for 3 years. While living in Hawaii with her husband, Dave, she pursued a career as a National Park Ranger. For 11 years, Casey competed in agility with her Aussie Mix, Poloka, and taught agility classes. Poloka is approaching 15 years of age and is now retired, but he still loves long walks in Lincoln Park. Casey has adopted and rehabilitated rescue dogs her entire life by developing a strong, loving relationship with her dogs. In her management position at The Clubhouse, Casey loves to share her in depth knowledge and experiences with dog parents. In her spare time, Casey enjoys gardening, kayaking, hiking and watercolor painting.