Building Great Recalls

Master your dog’s off-leash skills!

This is an intense, advanced 4-week course, held on Sundays at 10am. The class starts out for one session in West Seattle, followed by 3 sessions at our ranch in Issaquah. The progress you will see is significant because you will be working in a real world setting on 6 acres with 5 fenced in areas. Your dog will safely be working off leash. The course cost is $200. Class size is limited to 4-6 dogs. All dogs MUST be social with other dogs and humans, on and off leash.  

Class in West Seattle: 03/04/2018.
Classes in Issaquah: 03/11, 03/18 and 03/25/2018.

When you sign up, you will receive an email confirmation of your payment by Paypal; a Paypal account is NOT required and you can use your credit or debit card. The Clubhouse for Dogs will send you a personal confirmation email with further information and class instructions 5 days prior to the start of class.


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